New Update Turns Hello Kitty Island Adventure into a Floral Haven

New Update Turns Hello Kitty Island Adventure into a Floral Haven

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  • Welcome to Hello Kitty Island Adventure, a top-tier mobile gaming experience.
  • Stay updated with the latest game releases.
  • Experience continual updates and new content like Merry Meadow.
  • Merry Meadow: A floral paradise with a new bunny character and gardening feature.
  • Springtime Celebration Event running from March 2nd till April 14th.

Welcome to the Enchanting World of Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Illustration: Sanrio / SunblinkIf you haven't yet discovered the magic of Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you're missing out on a top-tier mobile gaming experience. This captivating game, launched in July last year, is exclusively available on Apple Arcade. It ingeniously fuses elements from popular games like Animal Crossing and Breath of the Wild, all set in a charming world inhabited by lovable Sanrio characters. Amidst the plethora of games dominated by gacha mechanics, like Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, this game is a refreshing change.

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Experience Continual Updates and New Content

Since its release, the creators at Sunblink have been persistently enhancing the game with fresh content for players to explore. The newest update, version 1.5 or Merry Meadow, is available now and brings a host of exciting additions. The highlight is the introduction of a new region, Merry Meadow, a floral haven teeming with beautiful blooms and adorable new characters.

Merry Meadow: A Floral Paradise

Players can look forward to meeting a charming new bunny character, Wish me well, known for her friendly and kind-hearted nature. She loves gardening, a feature that debuts in update 1.5. Players can now plant a variety of flowers across the island, including rare types obtained by decorating the island with floral elements.

Springtime Celebration Event

The floral theme continues with the Springtime Celebration Event, running in-game from March 2nd till April 14th. The island will be adorned with cherry blossoms, and players can collect petals to exchange for Japanese-inspired decor and outfits. The Merry Meadow update also continues the main story on Icy Peak.

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