Hades Joins Underrated Free Game Collection Nobody Plays

Hades Joins Underrated Free Game Collection Nobody Plays

Content Overview :
  • Hades action-RPG coming to iPhone, free for Netflix subscribers in 2024.
  • Upcoming games: Brutal Gothic Metroidvania, Noir-Punk Side-Scroller.
  • Hades joins Netflix's free mobile app game library.
  • Gameplay: custom touch controls, controller option over Bluetooth.
  • Limitations: Exclusive to iOS and Netflix, not available for Android or purchase.

A New Chapter for Hades: Mobile Gaming

The much-loved action-RPG, Hades, is set to make its mark in the mobile gaming world. However, this news comes with a mix of excitement and disappointment. The exciting part? Hades will be available on iPhones in 2024, and even better, it will be free for Netflix subscribers. The not-so-exciting part? It will be exclusive to both the iPhone and Netflix, meaning there's no option to purchase the game outright or play it on Android devices.

Sharing the News

Spread the word about this latest development in gaming! Share this information with your friends and fellow gamers on Facebook, Twitter, Email, Reddit, or through a direct link. Also, don't forget to check out the video showcasing the Top 10 Most-Played Games On Steam Deck: October 2023 Edition.

Upcoming Game Highlights

Keep an eye out for other exciting games shaping up to be something special, like the Brutal Gothic Metroidvania, and the stylish Noir-Punk Side-Scroller that's reminiscent of Celeste but with an exciting twist - guns!

Hades on Netflix

Netflix recently announced that Hades would join its free mobile app game library. The game, known for its immersive storyline based on Greek mythology and its isometric hack 'n' slash gameplay, was one of 2020's best games.

Accessibility and Gameplay

The smartphone version will introduce the hit game to millions of new players. The Netflix deal ensures that subscribers won't have to pay extra to enjoy this game. The mobile version of Hades will feature custom touch controls designed specifically for this version, as well as the option to play with a controller over Bluetooth.

The Limitations

While this seems like great news, there's a catch. The game is exclusive to iOS and available only with a Netflix subscription. This means that Android users won't be able to play it, and iPhone users won't have the option to buy the game outright. This exclusivity is reminiscent of the "Epic Store exclusive" situation and may seem like a desperate move to engage players with Netflix's free game library.

Netflix's Gaming Library

Despite Netflix's venture into gaming, only 1 percent of its subscribers use the library. The idea of having an indie Game Pass for smartphones for Netflix users is great, but the implementation within the mobile app makes it easy to overlook this perk.

Looking Ahead

Netflix is determined to change this perception, at least in terms of the games it offers. In addition to Hades, the critically-acclaimed arcade action games Katana Zero and Death’s Door will also become available in early 2024. Braid: Anniversary Edition, a reimagined version of the hit 2008 puzzle platformer, will also be added next year but will also be a Netflix exclusive on mobile. The struggle for premium games on smartphones continues, and whether locking them behind another app subscription is the solution remains to be seen.

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