Achieving Intimacy in Starfield Can Be a Winning Tactic

Achieving Intimacy in Starfield Can Be a Winning Tactic

A Unique Way to Level Up in Starfield

Starfield, an expansive open-space RPG that boasts a universe filled with hundreds of planets and solar systems, offers a unique way to boost your XP. A Reddit user recently discovered that increasing your character's sexual activity can result in a significant XP boost.

Diablo IV - The Bear Bender Build

Another exciting game build we'd like to share is the Diablo IV Druid Build, which is reminiscent of playing an Avatar Earthbender. This build is a fantastic method to level up this season. Check out the video to learn more and share your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, Email, Reddit, or directly link it to fellow gamers.

Surviving the Starfield Universe

Yes, you read it correctly. Occasional sexual encounters in the game can increase the experience you gain while navigating the vast universe. This tip was shared by Reddit user VAASisJASON, who posted a screenshot of a status effect they received in-game after romancing a character. This status effect, dubbed "Emotional Security," boosted their XP gain by 15 percent for 24 minutes.

Not the First Time for Bethesda Game Studios

This isn't the first time that Bethesda Game Studios has provided a bonus after a romantic encounter in a game. In Fallout 4, for instance, sleeping with someone yields the "Lover’s Embrace," a temporary perk that grants a 15 percent XP boost for eight hours. However, this option is only available when you start dating a companion, and you can only be in a relationship with one companion at a time.

More Insights from VAASisJASON

VAASisJASON further shared that a 10% XP boost is given when you sleep in a bed normally. After entering a romance with a companion, waking up in the bed you slept in provides a 15% XP boost. However, it remains unclear whether the companion must be following you for this to occur.

Australian Classification Board's Rating for Starfield

Interestingly, the Australian Classification Board rated Starfield in March, revealing that the game contains no explicit sexual content. The game tactfully fades to black before showing any sexual act between characters. Post-coital, your partner will hint at the nature of the encounter, providing all the emotional security and experience points you need to survive in space.

Update on Starfield's XP Boost

There has been an update to the duration of the XP boost provided in Starfield. The XP gain from the "Emotional Security" status effect now lasts for minutes, not hours.

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