Obtaining Starfield's Top-Tier Spacesuit is a Breeze!

Obtaining Starfield's Top-Tier Spacesuit is a Breeze!

Exploring the Universe in Starfield: Finding the Hidden Goated Spacesuit

Anyone familiar with the massive open-world spacefaring RPG, Starfield, knows there's more than meets the eye in its expansive universe. Among the hidden treasures is a goated spacesuit, cleverly tucked away behind a glass case, that you can snag early in the game if you're keen enough.

Discover What's New in Starfield

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Immerse Yourself in the World of Starfield

As you embark on your journey in Starfield, you'll soon find yourself as part of Constellation, a diverse group of artifact hunters seeking the answers to the universe. The Lodge, located in New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri system, serves as your base where you can undertake missions, interact with team members, and utilize the facilities to upgrade your equipment. But what awaits at the bottom of The Lodge is a top-tier spacesuit that's itching to be claimed.

How to Acquire the Mark I Spacesuit in Starfield

Despite its common status within Starfield's rarity categories, the Mark I Spacesuit is a spectacular piece of gear you shouldn't overlook. To get it, head to The Lodge's basement. In a storage room filled with various items, you'll find the spacesuit locked inside a Master-level hexagonal glass case. However, you won't need to pick this lock. Instead, a little in-game trickery will let you nab the Mark I Spacesuit without breaking a sweat.

Why You Should Aim for the Mark I Spacesuit

The Mark I Spacesuit, comprising a helmet, pack, and suit, offers excellent protection against physical, energy, and EM (electromagnetic) damage. Depending on when you find it, the suit may also provide additional benefits, such as increased carrying capacity and melee damage. So, don't miss out on this incredible spacesuit that can give you a significant edge early in the game.

More Hidden Gems in Starfield

Starfield is filled with hidden treasures like the Mantis Ship, which are well worth the effort to discover. So, gear up for an exciting journey as you explore the vast universe of Starfield and uncover its many secrets.

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