New Trailer of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Highlights Vincent Valentine

New Trailer of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Highlights Vincent Valentine

Anticipations Soar High for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

A recent screenshot from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth reveals the face of Cait Sith, setting fans into a frenzy of anticipation. This comes as no surprise, as whenever Sony events are on the horizon, gamers eagerly expect to see new footage from anticipated games. This was exactly the case during the latest State of Play event stream.

Unveiling the Baldur's Gate 3 Collector's Edition

The event also showcased the unboxing of the Baldur's Gate 3 Collector's Edition, a nod to the significant role of D&D in the gaming world. The Collector's Edition and the innovative character creator were introduced in a video that was shared across social media platforms and accessible to all gaming enthusiasts.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: What's New?

The new trailer offered glimpses of Cloud meeting Cait Sith, Zack carrying a knocked-out Cloud, and our first look at Cloud's red-cloaked, gun-toting companion, Vincent Valentine. The release date of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, initially set for this winter, has been pushed to February 29, 2024, for PlayStation 5. The last time we had a glimpse of the game was during this year's Summer Games Event, which featured scenes of Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret, and Red XIII exploring Juno, visiting Cosmo Canyon, and riding Chocobos.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: A Quick FAQ

As new scenes from FFVIIR emerge, fans are quick to craft intricate fan theories, art, and memes. Here's a brief recap of everything we know about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth so far: The game takes place after the events of Remake, with several events from the original game being altered or not happening at all. This includes a scene where Cloud and Sephiroth are seen traveling through the wilderness together, a significant deviation from the original 1997 game.

What to Expect in Rebirth

From the official Final Fantasy VII Twitter account, we learn that the remake's version of the original game's vast world will be large enough for players to explore with a high degree of freedom. The journey will include a chain of narrative developments involving each character's destiny. The developers also mentioned that players won't necessarily need to play Remake to fully enjoy Rebirth. However, considering the timeline changes at the end of Remake, it's recommended to play Remake before Rebirth.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Be a Trilogy

Another exciting revelation is that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a trilogy. This is something else that players can look forward to with Rebirth, further enhancing the anticipation and excitement surrounding the game.

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