All the Highlights from Nintendo's Mario-Filled September Event

All the Highlights from Nintendo's Mario-Filled September Event

Nintendo's Latest Direct Brings Exciting Updates and Announcements

On September 14, Nintendo captivated its fan base with another 40-minute Direct. The session was packed with exciting Mario games and some unexpected declarations. Unfortunately, no news on Switch 2 or the much anticipated Tomodachi Life Switch port, as desired by a dedicated group of fans. However, keep those hopes alive, even in your dreams.

A Return to Hyrule

Don't miss out on the latest trailers from Nintendo, featuring beloved titles like Paper Mario and Princess Peach: Showtime!, among others.

Coming Soon: Splatoon 3:Inkpolis/Side Order Expansion Pass

The single-player mode for Splatoon 3, a roguelike game, is slated for a spring 2024 release.

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong

Mark your calendars for February 16, 2024, for the release of the adorable, puzzle platformer remake, Mario Vs. Donkey Kong. It's an ideal belated Valentine's Day gift for that special someone.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Get ready for the 2D Prince of Persia game, The Lost Crown, hitting the shelves on January 18, 2024.

Speedy Release: Horizon Chase 2

Race towards victory with Horizon Chase 2, set to release on Switch later this September 14.

Experience the Beat with Super Crazy Rhythm Castle

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle, undoubtedly the catchiest title announced, is set to release on November 14.

SpyxAnya: Operation Memories

Step into the shoes of little Anya from the Spy x Family anime series in SpyxAnya: Operation Memories. Complete a photo diary and enjoy her love for peanuts.

Super Mario RPG

The long-awaited remake of Super Mario RPG is finally here with pre-orders now open. Get ready for its release on November 17.

Another Code Recollection

Experience an enhanced edition of the DS game Trace Memory and its sequel, Another Code R, previously unreleased in North America. Set for a January 19, 2024 release.

Princess Peach: Showtime!

The highlight of today’s announcements is definitely Princess Peach: Showtime!. Stay tuned for more updates.

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