The Insane Legal Showdown between Epic and Google

The Insane Legal Showdown between Epic and Google

Content Overview :
  • Epic and Google's legal battle over Google Play Store's alleged monopoly.
  • Video sharing options for "6 Things To Know Before Starting Persona 5 Tactica".
  • Epic's violation of app store policies and subsequent legal fights with Apple and Google.
  • Revelations and allegations during court proceedings, including Google potentially hiding chats.
  • Epic's lawyers questioning Google's missing chatlogs and "off the record" discussions.

The Battle Between Epic and Google

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As we step into the sixth day of the legal face-off between Epic and Google, things are heating up. The battle is primarily over the question of whether the Google Play Store is an illegal monopoly, imposing high fees and strict rules on Android app developers. Google employees, including the CEO, are under scrutiny for potentially deleting evidence or concealing chats from court proceedings, leading the judge to demand an explanation.

Sharing the Video

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The Backstory

If you're just tuning in or need a refresher, here's the backstory. In 2020, Epic added an option to Fortnite on mobile that allowed players to buy Fortnite's in-game V-Bucks currency directly from the company at a discount. This bypassed both Apple's and Google's app store fees, violating policies that Epic had agreed to. This led to Fortnite being removed from both companies' app stores, sparking a lawsuit from Epic and a lengthy 2021 legal fight with Apple. Now, Epic is fighting a similar legal battle with Google.

The Court Battle Unfolds

The most intriguing parts of this court battle have been the corporate secrets and data revealed during the trial. Last week, Epic confessed that it hasn't made any profit from its PC-based Epic Games Store. There have also been allegations against Google for potentially hiding legally damaging chats from the court, a line of inquiry that is still unfolding.

Allegations of Destroyed Evidence

Reports from the first day of the trial suggest that Google may have destroyed or hidden relevant evidence. Throughout the trial, Epic's lawyers have continually highlighted the lack of chatlogs provided by Google during discovery and questioned Google executives over deleted chats and jokes about hiding conversations.

Missing Chatlogs and "Off the Record" Chats

Google Information Governance Lead Genaro Lopez faced multiple questions about the seemingly missing chatlogs and the company's policy of advising employees to discuss sensitive issues "off the record". Epic's legal team also targeted Google's chat system, which includes a tool that allows employees to prevent chat history from being saved, even after a legal hold was put on the company following the Fortnite lawsuit.

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