'Even Charles Martinet is Clueless about 'Mario Ambassador' Role

'Even Charles Martinet is Clueless about 'Mario Ambassador' Role

Charles Martinet: From Voicing Mario to Becoming an Ambassador for the Character

Charles Martinet, the legendary voice behind the beloved video game character Mario for over two decades, has moved from voicing the character to being appointed as a "Mario Ambassador", as recently revealed by Nintendo. However, there's a twist in the tale: Martinet is yet to figure out the expectations and responsibilities of his new role at Nintendo.

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Mario's Voice Actor Transitions to New Role

Towards the end of August, Nintendo announced that Martinet will no longer be voicing Mario. Instead, he will "continue to travel the world sharing the joy of Mario and interacting with you all," as the new "Mario Ambassador". However, the specifics of this new role remain a mystery as neither Martinet nor Nintendo have shared detailed information about what the role will entail. It's clear though that Martinet has not retired and seems as enthusiastic as ever about his future in the world of Mario.

Martinet Opens Up at GalaxyCon

During a panel at the GalaxyCon event in Texas over the Labor Day weekend, Martinet shared insights into his career, his current activities, and his thoughts on the new "Mario Ambassador" role. Through amusing anecdotes and candid conversation, he admitted he's still figuring out what his new title means. He reassured fans that while he's not retired, he's still figuring out what being an ambassador entails. Despite the uncertainty, he remains committed to being a Nintendo ambassador, cherishing every moment of it and hoping that fans' love for the game continues to grow.

Martinet's Transition Sparks Speculation

When the first gameplay footage of the upcoming platformer game Super Mario Bros. Wonder was released, fans noticed that Mario's exclamations didn't quite sound like the familiar Martinet "Wah-ha!"s and "Yahoo!"s. This raised speculation that Martinet's transition from voice actor to ambassador might be the reason behind the change. His evolution from simply portraying Mario to speaking on behalf of Marios everywhere seems to be underway, although what exactly this entails remains to be seen.

Who will be the New Voice of Mario?

As of now, it remains unclear who will take over as Mario's voice. If Martinet has any information, he didn't spill any details during his talk at GalaxyCon Austin. Nintendo has indicated that fans will have to wait until the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder to find out who will be filling those iconic overalls and work boots. In the meantime, the gaming community is left to speculate who will be the new "wahoo-ing" voice in Wonder. Do you have any theories?

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