Diablo IV Trailer with Mistakes Removed by Blizzard [Update]

Diablo IV Trailer with Mistakes Removed by Blizzard [Update]

Content Overview :
  • Diablo IV's vampire-themed Season of Blood launch on October 17, introducing new quests, gear, and changes to XP and damage calculations.
  • Blizzard's trailer showcasing these changes was pulled due to errors and online ridicule.
  • A reaction video by YouTuber and streamer Raxxanterax comments on the mishaps and previews the new season.
  • The season includes fundamental changes to stats like damage and resistance, which may lead to bugs.
  • Season of Blood's start delayed due to complications with the build, marking Diablo IV's debut on Steam.

Diablo IV: New Season of Blood and Its Exciting Updates

Diablo IV's New Season of Blood

Blizzard Diablo IV

The vampire-themed Season of Blood in Diablo IV is set to go live on October 17. With new quests and gear, this season also brings significant changes to XP and damage calculations.

Complex Calculations and Missteps

These new calculations can be quite complex. In fact, even Blizzard’s trailer had some errors, leading to it being pulled from the internet after some online ridicule.

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Quality-of-Life Changes in Season of Blood

On October 13, a video was posted on Diablo IV’s social media channel highlighting some of the best quality-of-life changes coming with Season of Blood. However, it was quickly pulled down after fans found several errors in the footage.

Reaction Video by Diablo YouTuber and Streamer Raxxanterax

Despite the video's removal, it has been immortalized in a reaction video by Diablo YouTuber and streamer Raxxanterax. "I’m trying to build some hype for your new season, but you’re making it real hard."

Changes in XP Calculation and Damage

One of the main issues that fans found in the video was a section explaining changes in XP and damage calculations in the new season. The video incorrectly showed a switch from “1,000 x 40% = 1,040 XP” to “(1,000 x 1.2 = 1,200) 1.2 = 1,400 XP.” The intent was to show that XP percentage bonuses will be multiplied instead of added, providing additional gains. Although it wasn’t a major mistake, it became an easy target for internet jests.

Season of Blood: Changes in Stats

When Season of Blood goes live, it will bring fundamental changes to stats like damage and resistance. The patch notes are as long as 10,000 words. If everything goes as planned, it could be the boost Diablo IV needs. However, with so many changes being implemented at once, there might be a few bugs discovered after the season begins.

Update on Season of Blood's Official Start

Blizzard announced that the official start of the season has been delayed by a few hours due to some complications with the build. Today also marks Diablo IV’s debut on Steam.

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