Game Pass Offers the Top Samurai Game of 2023

Game Pass Offers the Top Samurai Game of 2023

Content Overview :
  • Xbox Game Pass concludes October with additions like Yakuza remake Like A Dragon: Ishin!
  • Access to 2023 remake of Dead Space for Ultimate and EA Play users.
  • New games include Like A Dragon: Ishin!, Mineko’s Night Market, Cities: Skylines II, and Dead Space.
  • Games available on various platforms like cloud, console, and PC.
  • Article by Streamers Visuals.

Xbox Game Pass Concludes October with Exciting Additions

The Xbox Game Pass is wrapping up October with a bang, incorporating this year’s remarkable Yakuza remake Like A Dragon: Ishin! and other undisclosed gems to the subscription service's collection.

By the end of October, Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play users will have access to the 2023 remake of the horror game cornerstone Dead Space, a cozy crafting sim to juxtapose it, and more worthwhile titles, as indicated in an announcement post by Microsoft Gaming on October 17.

New Games Coming to Game Pass

The action-adventure game Like A Dragon: Ishin!, a dazzling remake of the originally Japan-exclusive 2014 release Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin, offers an engaging samurai fiction with compelling drama and adequate combat.

Another anticipated game, Mineko’s Night Market, due on October 26, offers a different kind of satisfaction, encouraging players to serve Japan by stocking a night market with crafts instead of practicing gunmanship.

Other additions include the city builder Cities: Skylines II on its day one release, October 24, and the galactic horror third-person shooter Dead Space for Ultimate and EA Play subscribers on October 26.

What to Expect on Game Pass in October

Aside from samurais, cityscapes, and mutated space corpses, here's what else to look forward to on Game Pass in October:

  • Like A Dragon: Ishin!
  • F1 Manager 2023 - Available on cloud, console, and PC starting October 19
  • Cities: Skylines II - Coming to PC Game Pass on its day one, October 24
  • Dead Space - Premium tier Ultimate and EA Play subscribers get to play it through cloud, PC, and your Xbox Series X/S starting October 26
  • Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery - Play it now on PC, and then on cloud and console starting October 26
  • Mineko’s Night Market

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