"The 'Evil' Conclusion in Baldur's Gate 3 Seems Neglected"

The 'Evil' Conclusion in Baldur's Gate 3 Seems Neglected

The Ending of Baldur's Gate 3: A Player's Perspective

One can easily be captivated by the concluding scenes of Baldur's Gate 3, especially if you're sitting on the throne. For the most part, I was quite satisfied with how things turned out for my character and the direction of his relationships. However, the satisfaction largely depended on the choice I made at the end, which was, by all means, the 'good' choice. I couldn't help but wonder how the narrative would unfold if I had taken the 'evil', and quite frankly, reprehensible path.

The game is known for its reactive nature, adjusting according to your decisions and actions. But in a surprising twist, the 'evil' ending of Baldur's Gate 3 seemed underwhelming and hastily done. I harbor hope that Larian Studios, the developers, will continue to refine the game's epilogue, giving the 'evil' ending the attention it deserves.

Exploring the Collector's Edition of Baldur's Gate 3

For those interested in going a step further, take a look at the unboxing of the Baldur's Gate 3 Collector's Edition. This edition celebrates the intersection of Dungeons & Dragons and gaming, a connection that has been integral to the game's popularity. It also offers an in-depth experience of the game's character creator, showcasing its potential for customization.

A Deep Dive into the 'Evil' Ending of Baldur's Gate 3

To fully understand the issues with the 'evil' ending, we need to delve into the details of Baldur's Gate 3's conclusion. Your team is pitted against the Netherbrain, a giant sentient brain controlling the Mind Flayers. These Flayers have been abducting civilians, transforming them into their own kind using tadpoles. This threat has been looming over your group since the game's inception. The climax sees you either subduing the Netherbrain or choosing a much darker path.

The Darker Path in Baldur's Gate 3

The alternative in Baldur's Gate 3's ending is to command the Netherbrain, thereby controlling everyone who has a tadpole in their head. This path requires you to betray your group, and possibly even murder an allied Mind Flayer. The ensuing chaos sees you controlling the minds of your allies and the Illithid forces, reigning over Faerûn from your throne. The sight of your brainwashed allies cheering you on as you relish the ensuing chaos is decidedly one of the most evil moments in the game.

The Role of Character Choice in Baldur's Gate 3's Evil Ending

For those playing a Dark Urge character, the 'evil' path in Baldur's Gate 3 could seem plausible. The character, who is constantly battling thoughts of carnage and sadism, learns about their origin from Bhaal, the Lord of Murder. Therefore, the choice to harm others is a significant aspect of this character. But for other character variations, the 'evil' choice seems out of character. Regardless, the choice is so heinous that you would expect it to lead to a worthwhile outcome. Unfortunately, the game ends shortly after you make the decision, leaving players wanting for more.

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