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10 Streamers Banned on Twitch for Bad Behavior

Twitch streamers are influential figures and hold a lot of responsibility towards their audience. With Twitch's popularity, streamers need to adhere to community guidelines and behave appropriately.

Unfortunately, some streamers have crossed the line and ended up banned from the streaming platform. In this article, we're going to take a closer look at the top 10 most banned Twitch streamers and find out why they were banned.



Tyler1 Twitch

Tyler1 was banned from Twitch for his toxic behavior towards other streamers and players. He got hit with the ban hammer multiple times for violations related to community rules and inappropriate conduct.



Tfue Twitch

Tfue was slapped with a Twitch ban because of his foul language and insults towards other streamers and players.


Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect Twitch

Dr Disrespect got the boot from Twitch due to his inappropriate and sexually explicit conduct.


Ice Poseidon

Ice Poseidon Twitch

Ice Poseidon was tossed out from Twitch after broadcasting himself in inappropriate situations and breaking community rules.



Sodapoppin Twitch

Sodapoppin found himself banned from Twitch after making crude remarks and insulting other streamers and players.



Kaceytron Twitch

Kaceytron was handed a Twitch ban after making offensive and sexist comments.



Lirik Twitch

Lirik was banned from Twitch after making offensive and discriminatory remarks.



Reckful Twitch

Reckful was banned from Twitch after making offensive and insulting comments.



DansGaming Twitch

DansGaming got a Twitch ban after making offensive and insulting comments.



Destiny Twitch

Destiny was banned from Twitch after making offensive and insulting remarks.


How to Avoid Getting Banned on Twitch - Tips for Streamers

Twitch streamers have a content creator responsibility towards their audience and other Twitch users. To avoid getting banned from Twitch, banned streamers need to respect community rules and behave appropriately. Here are some tips for streamers to help them avoid getting banned from Twitch:


  • Avoid insulting behavior towards other streamers and players.
  • Don't use foul or offensive language.
  • Don't broadcast inappropriate images or videos.
  • Don't commit copyright violations.
  • Don't harass or stalk other users.
  • Don't promote or broadcast illegal or illicit content.
  • Don't encourage others to break Twitch rules.
  • Don't broadcast content that could offend others' sensitivities or beliefs.
  • Don't use bots or scripts to manipulate video gaming or streaming.
  • Don't break local laws and regulations.


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