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10 Things to Avoid on Twitch or Risk Being Banned

Everyone wants to have a good time on Twitch, but it's crucial to know what to avoid if you don't want your Twitch channel banned. In this blog post, we're going to share 10 things Twitch Streamers need to steer clear of to avoid suspension.


Streaming Pornographic Images or Videos

pornography on twitch

Streaming pornographic images or videos is a big no-no on Twitch, and it's strictly punished: anyone caught doing so could face immediate and permanent suspension or banning without prior warning.


Using Profanity

woman using foul language on twitch

Using crude words isn't cool on Twitch and can lead to penalties if the user disregards warnings and doesn't adhere to Twitch's community guidelines.



harassment on twitch

Harassment is banned on Twitch and can lead to penalties. Users should respect others and avoid any form of aggressive, threatening, degrading, or humiliating behavior. It's crucial for users to maintain a safe and friendly environment at all times and report any inappropriate behavior to the Twitch team for swift handling.


Unauthorized Broadcasting of Copyrighted Content

copyright issues on twitch

Users shouldn't stream copyrighted content without proper authorization. Broadcasting this kind of content without permission is a violation of the terms of use and can lead to penalties.


Use of Unauthorized Software

prohibited software on twitch

Using unauthorized software to stream content on Twitch is strictly forbidden and can lead to penalties, including suspensions, access restrictions, warnings, and bans.


Streaming Content that Promotes Hate

racial hate on twitch

Streaming content that promotes hate or discrimination is strictly forbidden on Twitch, and anyone caught doing so faces penalties, ranging from warnings to suspension or account deletion.



spam on twitch

Spam is a big no on Twitch and can lead to penalties, including temporary or permanent bans. This includes sending repetitive and irrelevant links, messages, or comments, or flooding chat rooms with spam messages.


Using Shocking Content

shocking content on twitch

Streaming shocking content, such as violent or bloody images or videos, is prohibited on Twitch and can lead to penalties, including permanent account banning.


Using Offensive Content

offensive content on twitch

Streaming content that is offensive, insulting, harassing, discriminatory, or threatening is strictly banned on Twitch, and can lead to severe penalties, including warnings, temporary or permanent bans.


Streaming Illegal Content

illegal content on twitch

Streaming illegal content, whether it's drugs, weapons, gambling, or anything else, is banned on Twitch and can lead to severe penalties, including suspensions and permanent bans.


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